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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  December 31, 2014 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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up running for their lives to escape an avalanche. we start with the all important new years eve forecast, you need to dress warmly it's going to feel frigid out there. it's cold but beautiful. the skies will be lit up twice with two fireworks shows to ring in 2015, david murphy is all bundled up himself to give us the accuweather forecast. >> as promises i came out side, it's kind of fun and accurate to be out here and helps you talk about it it's an afternoon with lots of sunshine and there is a need for the extra gear for the gloves and extra coat, go ahead and look at satellite, we have the sunshine on sky 6, additional cloud cover in allentown is allowing some sun in and the cloud cover will have
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a hard time socking us in and the temperature is below freezing in philadelphia and wilmington, windchills across the region are down in the low 20s. and we also are looking at a decent drop in temperatures in some cases in the 24 hour change when we got up this morning philadelphia was 24 degrees and you'll see a significant drop. colder today than yesterday and the wind is more brisk and uncomfortable. accuweather says by 4:00 down to 53 and back below the freezing mark and by 10:00 tonight, 28 degrees in philadelphia we are expecting at penn's landing to hold on to 28 degrees for midnight tonight if are you going to the fireworks show, it's 31 degrees for your 6:00 temperature, mostly clear and 20 if you are going down to the show. and cold out there no doubt
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about it tonight. we are going to continue to drop overnight and 24 for an overnight low that we have seen this december or this january, because technically that continues on january 21st but not the coldest we have been so far this winter back at the end of november a night we went to 23 and 24 and the only difference is tonight is the night they are enjoying themselves because of the holiday, when i step back inside and give you the full forecast we have milder numbers in the seven day and the polar plunge from the shore for all of the people that like to do that. not me. >> thank you david. crews are out in the cold air all morning getting the fireworks ready for the big show on penn's landing, the action cam was there as though unloaded the equipment on the delaware river, it's for people of all ages people looking to
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celebrate early can catch the first fireworks show at 6:00 and philadelphia officially rings in 2013 with the midnight show that lasts 15 minutes. >> three two, one! lots of kids already got a jump start on the new years eve celebration, the please touch museum held its annual countdown to noon party it allows everyone to enjoy festivities at a more family friendly hour. and parts of world are celebrating the new year while the biggest party preparations in the u.s. are underway now. in 2015 will be brought in with a big bang. >> reporter: new yours eve already rolled in in parts of world, starting with new zealand and fiji and reaching breathtaking proportions in
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sydney australia where 7 tons of fireworks lit up the sky. celebrations continue in hong kong and showed off pyrotechnics on tv. and the preparations are melting away as the cold freeze rolls in but that won't keep a million people from celebrating here in times square where preparations are underway. one last tweak of the lights -- even the confetti is being tested and the new york police force is readying itself for the crowds. we have observation posts in the area and chemical and raid logical detectors are be deployed. >> the protesters will be a small percentage of the revellers as all gather and hope
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that this new year will be better than the last. >> the celebrations are expected to begin at 6:00 p.m. and people are already starting to stream into times square behind the barricades everybody is taking a final look at the preparations and getting ready for the new your. if are you staying in tonight did you watch the time square party here on 6 abc tune in to dick clark's new years rockin eve with ryan seacrest it started at 8:00 p.m. and tomorrow don't forget a philly favorite, the mummers day parade. it's the official home of the mummers on phl 17 if are you not headed out to see it in person get full coverage at 8:00 on phl 17. a tractor trailer hauling a load of chickens caught fire and forced a closure in smyrna, delaware, on the southbound lanes of route 1, the rear
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wheels caught fire and the chickens could be seen next to the trick and no injuries to humans on site, but the fate of the chickens still unknown. a man was killed in bridgeton bridgeton, cumberland county, the suspect was pulled over and may have had a gun. david henry is live now with more. >> reporter: well, it happened right here at 9:30 last night and the police have not yet released any kind of explanation of what happened here and we are getting conflicting reports and some witnesses captured it on their cell phones. it was a chaotic scene right after the shooting bystanders could be heard angrily shouting
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at police it reportedly happened after a traffic stop and a weapon could be seen and the police ordered the people out of car. the passenger got out of the car and the man turned and tried to get back in. >> though shot him. >> they shot the boy. >> what was he doing? >> he was trying to get back in the car. >> mosley say retired deputy county sheriff and he is unwavering about what he saw. >> i saw a disarmed man go down to the ground and get shot. that is exactly what i saw. >> if there was a gun in the car the police may have thought the man was reaching for it. but mosley came out side and watched the police process the crime scene. >> there was no gun in the car.
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>> how do you know that? >> i was sitting here when they shook the car down. >> you didn't see them take a gun out of there? >> no. >> he says there is no gun but we are waiting for official word from the police and details remains sketchy and the prosecutor is telling us that they will be releasing a news statement later on this afternoon. live in bridgeton, david henry channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. there is new information today on the delaware county police shoot that left 52-year-old joseph pacini dead. he posted on youtube threatening law enforcement. they went to his home in clifton heights and he got in his car and took off. they followed him in drexel hill and he threw his car in reverse
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and tried to run over a police officer's car. the leaves have dried up now and philadelphia police are asking for the public's help in a hit and run investigation, 33-year-old teresa posy was killed last tuesday evening and investigators are looking for a 1987 to 1991 ford model pickup or tow truck, it will have front end damage to the left side. >> the friends and family are devastating, we are trying to piece it together and we followed leads but nothing panned out. >> police have not found any surveillance video in the area that could help in the investigation, if you have any information call police. >> philadelphia police are investigating an early morning robbery of a 7-eleven store the robber approached the clerk in the store on rising sun avenue in lawndale a little after 1:30 this morning. the suspect threatened the clerk with a gun and ran off with a
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small amount of money and cigarettes. there is much more ahead on "action news" at 12:30 bad weather making it difficult for crews to collect more wreckage and bodies from the crash site of air asia flight 8501. >> and a couple out runs an avalanche in washington state and captures the frightening moments on camera. and david murphy returning with the exclusive accuweather forecast.
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bad weather slowed the recovery of a jet liner that crashed into the java sea officials are helping them identify officials identify the passengers on board flight 8501. 162 people were on the plane when it vanished on sunday from indonesia to singapore seven bodies are found and crews must wait for my rain and thick
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clouds to clear before they resume their search. this is a incrediblen incredible story of luck and survival. a couple is forced to run for their life after an avalanche. >> they caught their frightening ordeal on camera here is a look at the dramatic video and the dramatic run for their lives. it was the nature hike that for colby dotson were forced to run for their lives. >> it's an experience that dropped your jaw. they were on a weekend hike to these popular ice caves outside of tacoma, washington, when a rumble came towards them. and almost it sounds like a water fall rushing downhill. >> in a blink of an eye it was closer and closer all i did was
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look in the opposite direction and try to run. >> they made it to safety and the mountain came crashing down and the people are still inside of that cave. they were hurt or are going to be hurt. everybody was okay and on a scale of 1 to 10 here is where dotson ranks out running the avalanche on the scary meter. >> a 9.5. >> youtube packs with narrow escapes caught on camera just like this one, in washington they will lucky to tell this one. >> incredible that they caught it on video. an 86-year-old man is asking for help, his beloved canine companion bess, was stolen a woman approached the dog's owner, walter fairbrother back
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in october. she claimed to be from an animal organization and offered to clip bess and bring him back in a few days and she never came back with bess. >> went into depression, i didn't come out of this house hardly. >> bess is a corso a highly valued italian breed authorities believe she stole the dog for breeding purposes.
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ño we are now looking forward to 2015, fyi philly has the new news you need to know about. the new color is marsala and melissa magee found out it's more than italian wine. i stopped by michelle a high end shop in bryn mawrer to get the scoop on how to rock this color. >> i'm starting with my
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favorite, a never before worn jimmy choo bag it's trimmed in the deep marsala. >> you can pair it with just about anything. >> don't be afraid to go full body marsala. for a more subdued look try dressy pumps and a bag and scarf. >> she is donning a nice scarf and the vintage chanel every girl should have one. >> are you listening every girl should have a channel. >> i couldn't leave without trying something on. this is like a kid in a marsala candy shop. >> she looks so cute.
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>> stormtracker 6 live double scan once again we are showing you no precipitation after a couple of days where we had some down the shore. as we look outs side, bright sunshine, everywhere you look, the action cam is down near the water earlier and the ben franklin bridge in the distance and a couple of highlights to your weather, maybe low lights still cold on new yours day and have you to bundle up tonight or if you are turning it around for tomorrow. there again is the cloud cover to the north and west having a hard time making a run at us. i think generally we stay fairly bright the rest of the way the high in allentown is 32 and 33 in reading and 34 in trenton and a 34 degree reading is expected
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as a high mark in wilmington as well. we get closer to 40 degrees for a high and even at the shore the brisk chilly wind is sapping the warmth you feel from highs in the upper 30s, as we look ahead in philadelphia 34 by 3:00 coming down from the high at 2:00 and down to the freezing mark at 5:00 and clear skies and 30 degrees and 29 by 9:00. and 24 in philadelphia and some suburbs get into the teens. as we welcome in 2015, 31 by 6:00 and midnight 28 degrees, we have two fireworks displays at the midnight show it will be a windchill of near 20 degrees. and 34 by 6:00, with windchills in the 20s during the parade. and as promised in case you are a fish and someone that enjoys
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the water on the cold day. the polar plunge is down the jersey shore tomorrow the noon temperature is 45 better than the air temperature of 37 and winds run 20 miles per hour and my advice is that as you come back to the beach have a friend waiting with a nice, big blanket and towels and it's a cold one if you are a polar plunger tomorrow. brisk and cold today and 35 degrees the coldest day of the week and temperatures in the 20s. and sunny and brisk for the mummers and 34 degrees, do the polar plunge and zip back to philadelphia and watch the mummers a cold day from start to finish. and then sun and clouds on friday and in the afternoon we inch up to 44 and that is nice, evening rain could start in the afternoon 40 is the high and the rain goes into early sun morning and a mild high, and windy and 56 degrees and late
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day sunshine and in terms of that precipitation saturday night, some models in the resenpast like in the last 24 hours, want to suggest an icy mix in the northern and western suburbs, the late model runs are just rain and if you have plans to be outside saturday night keep your eyes on the first quarter back in the 30s on monday and tuesday and enjoy the slight warm up over the weekend. >> and joy the new your hope it's a good one. voice actress christine cavanaugh best known in the film babe has died. her career included using her distifrnive voice on rug rats and dexter on dexter's laboratory the death was reported in an obituary posted in the los angeles times. "the interview" the film that sparked tensions in north
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korea will be released in canadian theaters next week. it says information reports to an inside job behind a disgruntled sony employee. taylor swift is at the top of the list of celebrity do-gooder do-gooders. it ranks celebrities that donate money to good causes she gave money to her single welcome to new york to public schools, the third year that swift topped the charity watch chart.
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if you are looking for distraction this afternoon.
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check out the story at after a man left her at the alter, this bride decided to destroy her wedding dress in an epic paint throwing suit, the couple is giving away a free trip to hawaii find out how to nominate someone, and americans are shivering on this final day of the your. find it all there now at >> and david is here with a final check of accuweather. people are running errands getting ready. >> we have plenty of sunshine no problem there temperatures are low 33 in reading and 34 closer to the i-95 corridor. a bunch of 35's along the corridor, 35 in philadelphia and down into south jersey and berlin and glassboro and better
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at the shore close to 40 at sea isle city and atlantic city. a brisk cold day ahead there and chilly. and tonight in philadelphia a temperature of 28 degrees, if you want to go out and do your thing, make it quick. make sure you are dressed appropriately. happy new year everyone. >> we had a special visitor this morning on 6 abc this is huntington valley native kristin alderton stopped in and find out what the general hospital star had to say. >> and we are live in pens landing with new years eve preps and the count down is on for the fireworks show. and we'll see you tonight at 4:00 5:00 and 6:00. for the entire "action news" team i'm alicia vitarelli have a great day.
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>> announcer: today on "the chew" -- while chestnuts are roasting on an open flame, the crew is working on their own "holiday roast 'n' toast creations." and train's frontman pat monahan is jumping on the dinner train with a red wine-soaked stunner. plus, whether your party guest want to be naughty or nice, michael and daphne are serving up a crusty appetizer two ways. but first clinton is raising a toast to the holidays just in the saint nickarita of times. and it all starts right now on "the chew." ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> good afternoon and welcome to "the chew." with all the holidays in full swing and another year coming to a close, it's a great time to


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